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Educational project aimed to support young artists
For four years already, the project aimed at supporting young artists has been active under the ARTBAT FEST initiative.
Soon after the 2014 edition of the project, which was originally launched in an exhibition format, it became clear to us that the primary purpose is to educate rather than to merely demonstrate. Consequently, our curatorial tasks included working individually with artists on their projects. By 2016, we sought to fully implement the educational program plan.

Undoubtedly, the educational component was present in previous years of the festival; it was common in specialized short events such as workshops, lectures, and seminars with artists.
In 2016, the final product of the three-month School of Artistic Gesture was the Exhibition of Young Artists held at the Tram Depot in Almaty.
In 2017, the rigorous four-month educational process with lectures and workshops resulted in the Act of Creation held at the cinemacenter Arman.
Find more information about the School of Artistic Gesture on artbatfest.cultura.kz