Евразийский Культурный Альянс
Республика Казахстан, Алматы
ул. Нурмакова, 79

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EXPO 2017
June 10, 2017 – September 10, 2017
International Specialized Exposition in Astana
EXPO 2017 is the most significant public art initiative realized by Eurasian Cultural Alliance to this day. Its importance stems from its strong resonance with our system of values and its presentation of permanent large-scale sculptures in an accessible, public-friendly urban environment of the world's youngest capital Astana (renamed to Nur-Sultan in 2019).

The top management of EXPO 2017 commissioned the ambitious public art project to serve as a tangible heritage following the event's ending in autumn 2017. Four sculptures and three outdoor summer pavilions aim to address the issues of climate change, renewable energy, and the ongoing replacement of fossil fuels with wind, sun, and water energies.

Most importantly, these sculptures and public spaces formulate a genius loci of EXPO village, create an identity of the place and make it unique. Recognizable to people from all walks of life, from city planners to pedestrians, they enhance the overall socioeconomics of the venue.