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The need for art and culture unites all humanity. Cultivation of an active and creative attitude to life and shaping high self-esteem among the social actors through learning and a high cultural level will eventually lead to a higher quality of human capital, and hence, greatly facilitate the tasks set before the country in the age of rapid technological change.
Changing the world and human changing are associated processes, a key role belongs to the culture and art, which provide not only quality entertainment, but also change the person – make it more open, able to aesthetic development.
Eurasian Cultural Alliance PA relies on socioeconomic development of the region through culture and the creative economy
ECA key activities:
Participation in the development and popularization of the contemporary art of Kazakhstan
Enrichment of the cultural life of Kazakhstan and the Asian region, promotion the values of national and world culture
Promotion of overseas cooperation and implementation of external communications in all the statutory activities, including cultural exchange and educational programs for the creative professionals and students of related institutions
Increased development of sector-related innovative management by organizing training activities that will improve cultural workers’ training
Promotion of government support and funding to private non-profit organizations for encouraging investment in the social and cultural infrastructure;
Development and implementation of fundraising and sponsorship programs;
Establishment of the ECA Foundation for providing donor assistance to creative teams and implementation of major art and cultural projects
Contribution to improving the tourist attractiveness of Astana, Almaty and other regional centers around Kazakhstan.
Transformation of the urban environment.
Public Cultural Zones - creation of cultural areas in shopping centers and recreation and entertainment parks.
Set-up art facilities - in frequently visited public places and in front of office buildings, etc
Organization of cultural events, such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and fairs, scientific and creative discussions, creative laboratories, seminars, conferences, symposia, round tables, briefings, master classes, workshops, art residences and others


Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty Nurmakov str, 79
+7 (727) 277-81-81, (727) 277-85-85